Macedonia Ministry

Changing people's Lives

Macedonia Ministry runs centres for orphans, youth, children, widows, HIV/AIDS and women programmes.

The ministry has projects such as:

  • Solar Energy,
  • Agriculture,
  • Water,
  • Irrigation Scheme,
  • Fishing Scheme,
  • Mushroom cultivation and other community development projects.


Organize workshops, counseling to people living with HIV/AIDS, widows and other disadvantaged in the society.
Agriculture: mushroom cultivation, and bee-keeping

Contact Us

Head Office:  Pasua Boma Mbuzi, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa

For more information, please contact
The Director,
Rev. Christopher Amolo
Macedonia Ministry
P.O. Box 7769, Moshi, Kilimanjaro,

T: +255 754763164/ +255 754926976


Rev Christopher Amolo

Rev. Christopher Amolo has a calling on pastoral care, spiritual counseling, missionary and community development projects.

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