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Environmental conservation issues: 

Training and Use of renewable energy technologies

on how to make and use solar cookers, fireless cookers, solar electric

Training women and youth on how to process dried food using
solar drier

Training on biogas making and usage

Training on the use of fuel efficient cooking stove

Installation of solar electric and water heater to homes,
schools, dispensaries, hospitals etc (special emphasis in rural Continue reading

Macedonia Ministry runs centres for orphans, youth, children, widows, HIV/AIDS and women programmes.

The ministry has projects such as:

  • Solar Energy,
  • Agriculture,
  • Water,
  • Irrigation Scheme,
  • Fishing Scheme,
  • Mushroom cultivation and other community development projects.


Organize workshops, counseling to people living with HIV/AIDS, widows and other disadvantaged in the society.
Agriculture: mushroom cultivation, and bee-keeping

The Kyoto Twist Solar Cooking Society is a Canadian registered non-profit organization. Our headquarters and office is located in Lund, British Columbia. There are six people on our board of directors and we have two volunteer program coordinators who report to the board. Our Annual General Meeting takes place just prior to Earth Day. Our roots are local, but our connections are global. We are part of the larger international solar cooking movement, which is developing and spreading this beneficial technology around the world.

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Head Office:  Pasua Boma Mbuzi, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa

For more information, please contact
The Director,
Rev. Christopher Amolo
Macedonia Ministry
P.O. Box 7769, Moshi, Kilimanjaro,

T: +255 754763164/ +255 754926976


Rev Christopher Amolo

Rev. Christopher Amolo has a calling on pastoral care, spiritual counseling, missionary and community development projects.

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